Online Furniture Planners

Create the future of 3D web furniture experiences with cutting-edge platform.
Customizable wardrobes, bookcases, sideboards and more.

This website is a demonstration of the Drowood online furniture design platform.

Furniture planner can be customized based on your personal requirements and integrated into any website and/or mobile application.

Welcome to our online furniture design platform demo! See how our powerful tool can enhance your website, letting your clients design their ideal furniture pieces effortlessly.
Ready to Enhance Your Website?
Our team quickly and easily customizes the toolset for your products and services.
The software seamlessly integrates into your website, offering a personalized furniture design experience that aligns with your brand and customer needs.
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Elevate your website's appeal and functionality by offering a user-friendly furniture design feature. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your website a design innovation hub. Let's bring creativity to your clients' fingertips!


A closet created by you in an online constructor that will emphasize the style of your room! The combination of thoughtful design and functionality makes it the perfect place to store your clothes and accessories.

Book Shelves

Create your own cozy reading nook with the online constructor. The perfect solution for storing and organizing your favorite books. Perfect for your interior!

TV Stands

The perfect stand for your TV - stylish, functional. Create a cozy atmosphere in your favorite living room with your own TV stand!


Enjoy the taste of life in our kitchen! Stylish design, high quality materials and convenient functionality - all this is embodied in every detail of the kitchen created in the online planner.

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